Report: Material Allocated to Future Activities


For purposes of determining what materials/colors are going to be consumed and potentially need to be ordered, a report showing material (specifically product variants) allocated to future fabrication activities is very useful.

Disclaimer: For this to work properly, it is necessary to allocate material, even if you don't already have it, to future fabrication activities. See the Tips section below for information on allocating material you don't have to a fabrication activity.


  1. Create a new report (Report > New...).
  2. Select Report Type = Allocated Material; Report the = Total Allocated Product Quantity; Display field = Allocated Product Variant (yields material + color + thickness, typically); Display Type = Table; Click OK.
  3. Click Options... button.
  4. Change Measure = Total Allocated Product Quantity by Last Fabrication Date in Phase
        * by using last in phase, it ensures only material on the intended phase is included.
  5. Click Add Filter... and add a Job Activity Status filter where activity is Fabrication (or the activity type you allocate material) and specify status Is NOT one of Canceled or Complete.
        * This ensures only incomplete activities are included in the report.
    Click OK.
  6. (Optional) To save the Report, click Save View... and name uniquely.


To allocate material that is not in stock, follow these instructions:

From the job detail page, click on your  Fabrication Activity and select Add Material to Fabrication...

Instead of selecting serial numbers (since you don't have slabs in stock), simply enter the Unassigned Quantity and click OK.

The result:

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