Detail forms not included in Summary Form

If you are using any kind of Summary form with a table that pulls information from other forms in the Job - and you use Phases - you must ensure that your Summary form is assigned to the Phase called Entire Job, and every form that it pulls data from is also assigned to a Phase. You cannot leave some of the forms assigned to the default Phase called None, if others are assigned to specific Phases.

Yes, Phases are powerful, but they do complicate things! Here's more detail.

If your Summary form is assigned to the phase None, then it will only pull in the referenced forms that are also assigned to None. Like this:

If your Summary form is assigned to Entire Job, then it will only pull reference forms that are NOT assigned None. 

To ensure that all the reference forms are included, assign the Summary to Entire Job (can set as default), and then make sure that every reference form is assigned to a phase. 

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