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Tracking sales leads and sales-related activities is useful in its own right. However, to really understand the effectiveness of your sales process, salespeople and your company's marketing efforts, Sales Lead Reporting is the key.

Note: These reports are based on using a Sales Leads Process to track prospective customers before they commit to purchase and become a Job. See Related Articles below for details on the Sales Lead Process.

Report - # Sales by Salesperson: Step-by-step

Note: this report is predicated on having an activity type called "Job Sold!". This is typically added to the Job Template activities list.

The premise of this report is to highlight how many jobs were sold by each salesperson over a period of time.

  1. Select Report::New...
  2. Report Type = Job; Report the = Number of Jobs; where = First Job Sold! in Job Date; Display type = Bar chart  Click OK
  3. Click Options... and click Select Fields... and add Job Salesperson  Click OK

Sample Report - # Sales by Salesperson

Report - How Customers Found Us: Step-by-step

Note: This report requires a form field or lead custom field to store the method by which a prospective customer learned about your company.

The purpose of this report is to show at a glance how many jobs each marketing avenues yielded. Keep in mind that number of jobs is one piece of the picture - total cost of a particular marketing channel is also necessary. To arrive at an acquisition cost for each job, divide the cost of each marketing channel during that period (or subsequent period, if there's a lag effect on the marketing channel) by the number of jobs it generated.

  1. Select Report::New...  Set Display type = Bar chart;  Click OK
  2. Click Options...  Add {your form/custom field for tracking lead sources} by clicking Select Fields...  Click OK
  3. To save the report, click Save Report...

Sample Report - New Jobs by Source

Report - # Sales Activities Performed: Step-by-step

To see how active your sales staff has been, build this report to show how many of each type of activity was performed.

Suggested Report Enhancements:
- change Time Selection to Year-to-date and leave Month as a Display Field to compare number of activities from month to month.
- add Activity Assignee as a Display Field to show how many of each activity type were performed by each employee

  1. Select Report::New...  Keep the default settings and click OK
  2. Click Options... Click Select Fields... and add Activity Type
  3. Click Add Filter... and create a filter where Activity Type is one of {your list of sales activity types}
  4. Click Select... button to right of Measure; Select 'Job Activity'; Measure = Number of Job Activities; Time Field = Activity Date  Click OK
  5. Click OK
  6. To save the report, click Save Report... and provide a report name

Sample Report - # Sales Activities by Type

Report - Lead Conversions: Step-by-step

Note: this report is predicated on having an activity type called "Job Sold!". This is typically added to the Job Template activities list.

This report uncovers how many Sales Leads became Jobs. With this information, it's possible to track conversion rates over time to determine success rates for your sales process.

  1. Select Report::New... Keep the default settings and click OK
  2. Click Options... Click Select Fields... and add 'Process' and First 'Job Sold!' (the name of your activity type that indicates a sale)
  3. Click OK. Optionally, save the report by clicking Save Report...

Sample Report: # non-lead jobs vs jobs converted from leads vs unconverted leads

Explanation: In this sample, the red bar is the number of jobs that were created directly in JobTracker without being leads first. If your company always starts a job as a lead, this column will not exist, but because it's not uncommon to have some jobs created directly, this sample highlights it. The green bar is the number of leads that were converted into jobs by the sales team. The purple bar is the number of leads that were not converted to jobs. It's possible to create a separate report that breaks down these unconverted leads into pending and closed/lost leads. This report doesn't differentiate if a lead is considered dead or live.

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