Sample Report - Number of Jobs by Account


It's nice to know who your best customers are. A quick way to know which accounts sent you the most jobs during a certain timeframe, is a basic Number of Jobs by Account report.

Tip: The Reporting Date will determine when the timeframe is applied. Example: a reporting date of 11/11/16 and time selection of "Half" will report on all jobs created between 7/1/16 - 12/31/16.


  1. Select Report::New...
  2. Set Report Type = Job; Display type = Table. Click OK
  3. Click Options... button
  4. Set Time Selection to desired timeframe; Measure = Number of Jobs by Job Creation Date; Click Select Fields... and add Account Name
  5. Click OK to test the report. Optional: click Number of Jobs by Job Creation Date header and sort descending.
  6. Click Save Report... button and name the report.

Sample Report

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