Calendar View: How can I show a conventional monthly format?


A monthly calendar is great if you're the owner or manager of a countertop shop, or if you previously used a whiteboard to manage your schedule. This is how to create a monthly calendar

  1. Select Calendar::View Calendar menu
  2. Click the Options button.

  3. Number of Days: Select 30
  4. Display Type: Select Week by Weekday

  5. Color Activities By: Select Activity Type or Assignee (Custom fields or Form fields that contain a list of values that have been color coded will also be available for selection.)
  6. Click Select Fields... button and check the fields to display on the Calendar View. Click OK
    (Example: To display the City, click on Job Address, then click on City.)
  7. Click OK to display the Calendar as specified.
  8. To save the new Calendar View, click Save View... button, enter a name and select Shared View or My View.
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