3. Make Sure Job Activities Don't Fall Through the Cracks

By now, you've gone through the  getting started guide, and you should be successfully scheduling your templates and installs. (If you haven't yet worked through those help articles, start there.)

The next step is to make sure that your templates and installs don't fall through the cracks. After all, that's one of the main reasons so many successful fabricators use JobTracker!

JobTracker doesn't have the magical ability to pop up a message and say, "Hey, remember that Jones template you had scheduled for yesterday? ... yeah, it never got done." Instead, you're going to make Job Views that show you which activities did and didn't get done.

In order for these views to work their magic, though, you have to let JobTracker know which activities are complete and which are not. The easiest way to do this is to mark your activities complete in JobTracker as soon as they are complete in the real world.

Assuming you've been completing your activities, then you can create lots of interesting job views like:

You can create and customize as many job views as you need to track the details of your business. If you're responsible for a lot of different areas of your business, you might prefer big views with lots of columns so you can see all the details at once. If you're responsible for one area of the business (like scheduling and confirming templates), you'll probably prefer to make views with fewer columns that let you focus on the task at hand.

Work the views! Look at them every day to see what needs to be done in your business. Many views are like smart to-do lists that show you "work that needs to be done but hasn't yet been done." When you complete a task on your plate (like confirming templates or assigning to a specific field crew), that might cause another task to show up on your teammate's plate (like performing the actual template). 

For example, here's a view showing unconfirmed templates with all the contact info needed to call and confirm the date and time with your customers. You can confirm the activity right from this view, which will cause the view to show one less row (again, like a to-do list) -  and help make sure your templater doesn't make an expensive, wasted trip. (Listen to one of your peers explain why this is so important for your business.)Sample Job View Showing Unconfirmed Templates

If the built-in views and samples don't show quite what you're looking for, contact support and let us know what you're trying to do. We can help you refine your views to make them work for your unique situation.

If you use these techniques consistently - scheduling activities, marking them complete, and working your views - you'll soon gain confidence that you're not forgetting key customer appointments ... your templates and installs will no longer fall through the cracks. Once these techniques become old hat for you, then you just might find you have a little more time to improve your business in another way!

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