Report: How many new Jobs did we start each month in a given year?

This example report shows how many Jobs were created each month during 2015. I've included a column to show which quarter, but the jobs are not totaled by quarter. (Note: I don't have a lot of jobs in my sample JobTracker, and I created no new jobs during November or December.)

1. To get started, open any Report and click the Options button. 

2. To make this Report for a specific year, select Custom as Time Selection and set the dates in the Reporting Dates fields.

3. Choose Number of Jobs by Job Creation Date for Measure.

4. Click Select Fields and choose Year, Quarter and Month. 

5. If you want to report the total Jobs created with the totals given by Quarter, then only choose Year and Quarter as your Display Fields. 

6. When you get the Report that you want, click Save Report and enter a name.

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