Naming Jobs and Accounts

The first time you create a job, it can be a little intimidating to simply decide what to name it! Here's a short video that explains your options and walks through the basic steps of creating and naming jobs and accounts.

Be Consistent

The main point is to be consistent. It doesn't really matter what approach you take for naming accounts and jobs, but do it the same way every time - and make sure everyone in your company does it the same way.

To start with, look at your paper file folders (or whatever you used to store jobs before switching to JobTracker) - and see how you named jobs on those folders - that's probably how you should name jobs in JobTracker!

Common Approaches to Naming

FirstName LastName John Smith
LastName, FirstName Smith, John
Unique Address Line 203 Main St
LastName Room Smith Kitchen
(combinations) Smith 203 Kitchen
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