Flag Jobs Requiring Change Order

How do I flag jobs that require a change order?

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Sometimes a quote needs revision after template - either because the initial measurements were wrong or because you have a stellar templater who sells additional tops during measure! You need a way to flag those jobs to ensure that the quote and invoice are revised.

There are many ways to address these kinds of challenges in JobTracker. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

OPTION 1: Use Job Issues with a Category.

Create a new Job Issue with the Category of "Change order."

Again, you can view those Job Issues on the Calendar.

And you can create a Job View to filter jobs by Job Issue Category.

And if you save that view, you can review it daily.

OPTION 2: Use a List of Values field in a Job Form. 

Here is another option for handling change orders. You should choose the option that seems best for your workflow - don't try to use both!

Add a field to one of your Job Forms.

You can then display that Change Order field on your Calendar. (Note: You can't display a checkbox field on your Calendar.)

You can also create a view that will list all of your Jobs that require a Change Order.

You can review that list daily and work to bring it to zero - so that all change orders have been completed.

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