Report: How many Installs did we do each month this year?


This simple report shows how many Installs were completed each month of this year. Note: we are looking at how many Install Activities were completed - not how many Jobs were completed. So if a single Job had five different Install Activities, each of the five activities will be counted for the month in which it was completed.

Here is what the report might look like - hopefully with much higher numbers in real life!


  1. To get started, open any Report and click the Options button. 
  2. Choose Year-to-date as the Time Selection, and make sure the Reporting Date is today. 
  3. Click Select next to Measure to choose Number of Job Activities by Activity Date
  4. Click Select Fields... and choose Month.
  5. Click Add Filter... and choose Activity Type is Install.
  6. Click OK to display the results.
  7. To save the report, click Save Report... and type in a name.
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