Assign Serial Numbers Before Receiving Material

For most fabricators, the simplest way to create serial numbers is to click the Receive PO button on a PO. However, sometimes it's useful to assign serial numbers to slabs before you have even received them. For example, if you have multiple related jobs on a PO, it can be useful to create the serial numbers so that you can assign them to the appropriate jobs. Such a PO might look like this:

To create serial numbers without receiving the PO, click the Assign Serial Numbers button:

Hit OK, and you will see serial numbers for the material ordered. Then you can click Available to allocate that serial number to one of the related jobs. NOTE: the related job must already have unallocated material for the same product variant in order to do so - if you are not able to allocate material to the job from the PO as shown below, then go to the job, find the product variant, and assign serial numbers from the job.

Doing this makes it more clear which material goes with which job:

This also lets you print labels before the slabs arrive and include job information on those labels.

When the material arrives, you simply click Receive PO as normal - the only difference is that the serial numbers are already assigned.

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