Adding Editable PDFs to a printable packet

If you’re working with a builder, dealer, or big-box store who sends you PDF documents, occasionally some of the fields on those forms are “editable”, which means that the company or homeowner can fill them out directly in the PDF. There’s no need to print things out and fax or scan them back. But, if you're attaching editable PDF's to a packet, the data would be duplicated if there are multiple forms of the same type in a packet.

To convert those editable PDFs to read-only:

  1. Click the Calendar menu, and choose Edit Settings
  2. Then, choose Activity Packets, on the left. 
  3. Click on the name of the packet you want to edit, and choose the first option (Edit…).
  4. Now, click on the PDF file you want to edit in the packet, and choose Edit… 
  5. There’s a check-box for Convert form fields to read-only. Click OK

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