Sample Report - measuring time between activities

When you're trying to measure the time between activities in JobTracker, it's a two-step process. First, you'll create a report or view to show the dates of the activities you care about. Then, you'll use that info to create a spreadsheet in Excel and do the analysis.

Creating a view of the activities

First, you'll want to create a view or report that shows the Job Activities you're looking for. In this screenshot, we created a Job View that includes the Account, Job Name, Fabrication and Install dates. There's also a filter applied to the view to only see the jobs that have a completed Install.

Now that I've got that view, I'm going to use Excel to figure out the number of days between activities.

Using the DAYS function in Excel

First, I'm going to import the data from JobTracker into Excel. It's possible to do this by just selecting a page and copying and pasting, or you can import data from the web within excel. There's more information about importing into excel in the related articles, below.

Once you've got the data in Excel, the simplest way to calculate the number of days between activities is by using the DAYS function in Excel. The DAYS function calculates the number of days between to dates. 

If you're trying to calculate the number of work days, there's another, similar function in Excel. You can use NETWORKDAYS, which excludes weekends and holidays.

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