Displaying Calendar on large screen/TV/LCD


Maximizing the value of JobTracker means making current job information widely available. One way to accomplish this is via large displays in the office and fabrication shop.

Note: This article contains technical jargon that is unavoidable. If the technospeak is foreign to you, share it with the nearest techie person. If you don't already know a techie person, consider hiring one via GeekSquad

Examples from Moraware Customers' Shops

Example: auto-refreshing shop view and shop calendar on flat screen TVs

Example: auto-refreshing office calendars on four LCD screens

Setup Instructions

A. Define a Calendar View

  1. Using an existing Calendar view and the Options... button, configure a view that will meet the intended use of the display. Save View... 
    WARNING: Be sure the define the view with Auto-Refresh enabled.
  2. Determine if you can use an existing user or need to create a new JobTracker user.
    • To mirror a tab on a TV via Chromecast, use an existing user in a separate browser tab.
      Instructions:  Setting up Chromecast tab mirroring Note: This option is fragile - if the computer is turned off or the browser tab is closed, the display will lose its data feed.
    • A smart TV or a web-enabled USB device plugged into a TV/LCD requires a separate user (incurs an additional monthly charge per user). Create a new JobTracker user named something like "shop_display" and provide read-only security access for calendar viewing. Note: Creating a new JobTracker user requires administrator rights. See your administrator if you lack the Admin > Users menu item.

B. Configure the TV / large display

There are four different ways to configure the display of JobTracker on a large screen. Select the one best suited to your environment.

Direct Monitor Connection from an existing computer
  • Involves an HDMI cable connecting a computer and the TV (must be close enough to reach the display)

  • Wireless Connection to a SMART Television

    A Smart TV is one that has wifi capability and a browser built-in.

  • Use the TV remote, open the TV browser, enter <yourcompany>.moraware.net into the browser, log in and then navigate to the calendar view.

  • Google Chromecast tab mirroring
  • Instructions: Setting up Chromecast tab mirroring

  • USB / Stick computer plugged into a non-smart TV

    All three of these devices runs as a standard-alone computer plugged into the HDMI port on a non-smart TV. The TV functions as the computer's display.

  • Suggested USB Windows Stick
  • Suggested Chromebox
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