Step 6: View Your Calendars

The Calendar in JobTracker is a powerful tool because you can filter and sort your Job details to create many different Calendar Views to display the information you need to get your job done at any given time.

  1. Click Calendar and choose View Calendar to see the Standard View of all your Scheduled Activities.

  2. If you've only entered a few Jobs, the Calendar Views won't be as interesting, but this example shows some of what is possible.

    Notice that JobTracker is pulling the Account and Job Names, as well as the Activity Type, Status & Scheduled Time. It is even pulling the Color and Square Feet from the Job Form and displaying the total square footage scheduled by Activity Type for each day.

  3. From any Calendar View, you can jump to the Job Details for any Activity by clicking on the square/tile and choosing View Job. You can also use the back arrow in your web browser to get back to your previous view.

  4. To see a different Calendar View, click the Views button.

  5. The Template Calendar shows only the Template Activities that have been scheduled. It is set up to show the Days of the week vertically on the left and Time across the top.

  6. You can reschedule Activities right from any Calendar View by dragging and dropping the square/tile.
    Naturally, you can customize/filter these Views or create new ones. See Related Articles for details.

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