Step 3: Enter Countertop Details in Job Form

You probably have a number of different paper forms that you use over the course of a Job. Job Forms are a powerful alternative to those paper forms. Job Forms serve three main purposes: collecting countertop details, providing checklists for quality control, and organizing job information for printing. Tracking information in JobForms will enable you to ask questions about your Jobs later. (For example... "Show me the Jobs that need Tear-out" or "How many square feet of Uba Tuba did we Fabricate this year?" We'll cover more of that in Steps 6 & 7.)

  1. Click on Area (Room) Details and choose Edit.
  2. Enter the Room Type, Material, Color, etc. for one countertop. Notice that some fields are drop-down lists and some require you to type in your answer. All of these details can be customized. See the Related Articles section if you want to change or add any fields right away.
  3. If you are creating multiple countertops on a single job - especially when they have different colors or edge profiles - you should create a new Area (Room) Details form for each countertop. Click New Form and select the Area (Room) Details form.

  4. The Job Summary Form is an example of a form that is used both as a checklist and form printing. Click Job Summary and choose Edit.

    You will want to edit this form so it reflects the way you do business - but you don't have to do that today. See Related Articles if you're eager to get it done, or we'll email you with the instructions in a few days.
  5. To see how this form will look when it is printed, click Job Summary and choose Printable View.
  6. The printed version pulls information form elsewhere in JobTracker - including the details from the Area (Room) Details form. You can edit this form to include your company logo and contact information.
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