Track When Deposits Are Paid

How do I keep track of deposits?

Many fabricators want to see a list of the jobs that had deposits collected on a given day or week - perhaps because they require the deposit before Template is scheduled or before the Salesperson is paid any commission. Here is one way to track when deposits are collected.

1. Create a new Activity called "Collect Deposit."

2. Edit your Job Template so the Collect Deposit activity will appear automatically when you create a new job.

3. When one of your salespeople receives a deposit, have him/her mark the Collect Deposit activity "Complete." You might also ask them to add information to the Notes field for that activity.

4. Create a Job View to show only the Jobs where Collect Deposit was completed today (or this week - whatever works for you).

5. Save your View and name it "Deposits Collected Today" (or "Deposits Collected This Week" if that fits). You can then choose that saved view from the Views dropdown list when you need it.

If you are using CounterGo, you can track the actual amounts of deposits as well: Creating deposits on a quote.

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