Ensure all Attached Files are included in Activity Packet


Files can be attached at four different places:

  • Job
  • Account
  • CounterGo Quote (note: CounterGo is separate from JobTracker, but CounterGo Quotes convert to Jobs)
  • Legacy JobTracker Quotes

When a file is attached, it forever retains the association of where it was attached. For example, a file attached to a CounterGo Quote will be visible/viewable under the resulting Job, but that attachment will always remain a CounterGo file attachment.

This is critical to understand when setting up Printable Activity Packets that include file attachments.


  1. Calendar::Edit Settings::Activity Packets
  2. Create or Edit an Activity Packet
  3. Click Add and select Attached PDF File... (or Attached Image File...)
  4. Specify the location where the file was attached
  5. Repeat adding a new Packet Item for each remaining Type of Attached File in the list. This will ensure the file is included, regardless of where it was attached to a Job/Quote.

Tips & Hints

  • When looking at a list of Attached Files on a Job, you can tell where the file was attached based on the Quote Name and CG Quote Name columns. A file with a value in Quote Name was attached to a legacy JobTracker quote, a CG Quote Name value indicates it was attached in CounterGo. If neither column is populated, the file was attached directly to the Job.
  • Add an additional way to verify a file was attached directly to a Job, click the <file name> and look for the Delete menu item. Only files attached directly to a Job can be deleted on the Job Detail page. Files attached to a CounterGo Quote can only be deleted via CounterGo.
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