Sample Job Forms to Download and Import

Because no two fabricators are identical, the Job Forms they use to collect, track and print information in JobTracker also vary widely. It can sometimes be useful, however, to start with an existing set of Job Forms and then customize them to fit your needs. If you're just getting started with Job Forms - or if you are rethinking the forms you are currently using - you might want to take a look at these examples. If you decide you want to work with them, just follow the instructions to download and import.

Area Details Form

This form is used to collect the details about each countertop created for a job. If a job has both a kitchen and a master bath, you would use two Area Detail forms. Tracking the details for the different countertops separately makes reporting easier later on.

Job Summary Form

The Job Summary Form provided here serves two purposes. First, it is used to track additional details about the job - as opposed to the individual countertops. You can customize it to serve as a checklist of tasks that must be completed before a job moves to template, fabrication or install. A job form containing a checklist like this is a good way to handle tasks that don't need to be scheduled on the calendar, but must get completed reliably on each job. Notice that this form can also be used to track the total dollar amount quoted and approved for each job. Naturally, you can remove those fields if you don't care to track that information here.

Second, this Job Summary form was set up to pull useful job information from various parts of JobTracker so it can be printed in one place. The image below shows how the form looks when printed. Note that the Account address, Job details, Activity dates - even countertop details contained in other forms - are all pulled together into a single printable form.

Steps for Downloading and Importing Forms

  1. Click or right-click on the form template (they are .xml files) you want to download and choose Save Target As. if you didn't get to choose where the file was saved on your computer, you will want to find it before you try to import the file into JobTracker. Check your Downloads folder or Search your computer.

    Here's the Area Details form:  Area-(Room)-Details.xml

    Here's the Job Summary form:  Job-Summary.xml
  2. In JobTracker, import the job forms following the steps outlined in this document. NOTE: Import the Area Details form first. If you choose to use the Job Summary form also, import it after the Area Details form.
  3. After importing the Job Summary form, a few of the fields will read "Unresolved Imported Fields."

    Click on those fields and choose Manage Unresolved Field. Once the window opens, just click OK. JobTracker will manage the unresolved fields for you.

  4. If you have any trouble or want to discuss the business challenge you're hoping to address with your forms, please email or call us.

Additional Printable Forms

Here are some additional forms that can be useful to print for your staff or customers. 

Template Sign Off: Template-Sign-Off.xml

Install Waiver: Install-Waiver.xml

Certificate of Completion: Cert-of-Completion.xml

Quality Check: Quality-Check.xml

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