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Quote expiration date is intended to let a customer know that pricing is subject to change after that date. Every Quote has an expiration date, set at the time of Quote creation based on the Price List settings for that Quote. It’s set to 30 days by default. Expiration date can be displayed on the printed quote. In addition, the quote summary page can be customized to hide expired quotes.


Step-by-step: Change default expiration duration on Price List

  1. Select Price List > View PriceLists
  2. Click the Price List to change, for example, Retail
  3. Select Edit Price List 'Retail'
  4. Near the upper left of the Price List page, click the number next to Expiration Days and enter the desired number of days. Click OK. This will affect any new quotes created. Existing quotes will need to be changed individually using the steps below.
  5. Click the Save... button

Step-by-step: Change the expiration date on an individual quote

  1. Select Quotes > View Quotes
  2. Click the Quote Name to change and select View Quote 'quote name'
  3. In the Drawing section, click the Edit Button
  4. Click on 6 Price Details
  5. Near the upper left of the page, click the expiration date and enter a new value
  6. Click the Save... button to save your changes
  7. Click the Email button to send the new quote revision to your customer
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