How can I make the drawing print bigger

To make the quote drawing bigger on a printed quote, you need to edit the quote form - go to Quote > Edit Settings. If you only want to make the drawing for some quotes, duplicate the quote you want to change (see related articles below).

The simplest change is to make the drawing field the full width of your page. Click and drag the drawing field until the blue arrows point to a horizontal line:

When you let go, the drawing will take up the full width of the page, making it much bigger:

Often that's enough ... but if you have a lot of countertops on a single quote, you might want to edit the drawing field and uncheck Include Measurements:

That can make the drawing look less busy. 

If countertops on the drawing still appear too small for your taste, then you might consider making the quote form landscape. Click Edit Form Info at the top of the form, uncheck Use Default Page Size, then make the page 11 x 8:

If that's still not enough, then you might have to break your quote into multiple, smaller quotes (perhaps by room or area of the house). If you do so, consider using a simple naming convention like My Quote Name 1, My Quote Name 2, etc. 

Recognize that you can attach multiple quotes to the same Job (or  Process, such as a Lead) - this can also help you keep multiple quotes together. To add multiple quotes to the same Job/Lead, click Add Existing CG-Quote while viewing the Job/Lead in JobTracker: 

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