Charge for Fabrication when Priced by Area, but not by Slab

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To include a fabrication charge for some granite colors, but not others, create two separate products and apply a filter to the fabrication charge based on the product.


  1. Go to Price List::View Price Lists, and double-click a Price List name to edit it.
  2. To make it clear which product is which, first rename the existing Granite product to Stock Granite.
  3. Create a new product called 'Exotic Granite' by clicking Add Product button and typing the name.
  4. Click the Next>> button and enter the name of at least one color
  5. Click OK (result is a second product).
  6. Click the icon to edit the fabrication charge.
  7. Choose the Filter by Product button and choose Stock Granite.

Only the product selected will have a fabrication charge.

Tips & Hints

To set a different fabrication charge for another product, click the Add Fabrication Charge button and choose a different filter.

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