Drawing Non-Standard Backsplashes


Scenarios that call for drawing a backsplash manually (instead of the built-in backsplash feature) include:

  • Using a different material for backsplash than the countertop material
  • Applying a different edge type to backsplash than the countertop edge
  • Gap/split in backsplash for window or range hood
  • Need to put a backsplash on an edge that is comprised of a bumpout.
  • NOTE: this solution can also be used to draw a waterfall edge.


  1. Draw countertop and apply curves/bumpouts normally.
  2. On Step 3, set the edge type where the splash is to be located to Unfinished.
  3. Return to Step 1, manually draw a rectangular countertop that reflects the splash. Note: draw two sections with the proper dimensions, if the splash contains a gap/split.
  4. optional. If the splash is a different material, on Step 5, create a new area named backsplash. Add the splash to that area by clicking on it in the small picture in the backsplash area. Then select the splash material.
  5. optional. Add a text label on the drawing to highlight the splash, gap, etc.

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