Before Getting Started with Inventory


This article applies only to JobTracker Inventory Edition, which is available at a higher cost than JobTracker Standard Edition. Purchasing information here. 

Setting up JobTracker Inventory can be intimidating.

... but setting up the software isn't the hardest part. The hardest part is making sure you have your people processes in place. JobTracker Inventory helps you track the slabs coming in and out of your shop, but it only works if you have processes in place and your people follow those processes.

Here's a 6-minute video that outlines the key processes:

In summary:

  • Decide who is responsible for tracking inventory
  • Track when you order material
  • Track when you receive material
    • Write (or print) a serial number on each slab
  • Track when a customer chooses a slab
    • Add serial number to job
    • Optionally write job on slab or at least mark slab as allocated
  • Once the slab becomes a counter, remove it from inventory system
  • At some regular interval, reconcile your inventory

Start with One Product and Color

While it might be tempting to enter all the products you purchase up front so you can start tracking everything, it's usually better to start with just one product and one color. That way, you can master the end-to-end process of tracking inventory before having to deal with a large volume of data.

The 12-minute video below explains all the details of getting started with your first product and color, including setting up your suppliers, costs lists, initial views, and making/receiving your first purchase order.

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