Using Price List Filters

For many types of the sections in your Price List, you can charge a different amount based on what material is being used. In the following picture, you can see that Splash, Fabrication Charge, Installation Charge, and Finish Edges are all charged the same, regardless of the material being used, because they have the [All Products] filter:

To charge a different amount for fabricating Granite - click Add Fabrication Charge, and create a new Filter just for Granite (you could also choose to filter by Product Type instead):

That creates a new row for Fabrication Charge when using Granite - enter your price appropriately, and that will be the charge used when quoting Granite:

On a quote, Filters are applied from most specific to least specific. If there is a filter for the specific product you're quoting, that filter will be used for that charge. If not, then the filter for that material's Product Type will be used (if one exists). Otherwise, the [All Products] filter will be used. If no filter can be matched to the charge, then you'll get a warning that a price can't be found.

Usually you'll want to leave the All Products filter as a catch-all - add additional filters to account for differences by Product or Product Type.

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