Change unit cost for a single serial number

Inventory Edition only


Can I change the unit cost for just one serial number when it was received as part of a larger order? AND I want to keep the original serial number.


Yes, but it's a bit awkward

Let's say you have a PO that looks like this:

To change the unit cost for just one serial number, you first have to delete it, make a new serial number, and then rename it

  1. Make a note of the serial number you want to change (14782)
  2. Delete the PO Receipt for the serial number you want to change by clicking on the Received Qty and choosing Delete
  3. Click on the Ordered Qty, then Edit, then reduce the number ordered
  4. Add a new PO line with the desired unit cost
  5. Receive the PO line with appropriate batch number, etc.
  6. Edit the resulting serial number, and manually change the serial number to your note in step 1
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