Add Account or Job information to a Quote Form

You can add Account or Job fields to a Quote Form ... here's how (if you don't know how to edit a quote, first review related articles below):

  1. Add a field to the bottom of your quote form and choose Quote Info as the data type

  2. For the Name field, scroll down and choose the appropriate Account fields or Job fields. NOTE: If you have more than one Job "Process" (Lead, Prospect, etc.), you'll see the process name that appears furthest to the left in your JobTracker menu (in this example "Lead Name" instead of "Job Name" - since all Processes are just variations of Jobs, there is no difference when adding such a field to a CounterGo quote. In other words, if it's a Lead, it will show the Lead Name; if it's a Job, it will show the Job Name on the printed quote.

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