Mark Quote 'closed' / View only 'open' Quotes


CounterGo does not inherently track Quotes as open or closed. Rather than enforcing a single status mechanism on all customers, CounterGo offers greater flexibility in handling Quote status through Custom Fields. With a Custom Field, it's possible to create a set of status choices such as ("Sold", "Declined"), ("Pending", "Won", "Lost"), etc.

Once a Custom Field is defined for the Quote status, a View can be created displaying Quotes of a certain status. An example is a View of all Quotes marked as "Won". The result of the View can be exported to Excel for additional reporting, analysis, and charting.


  1. Create Quote Custom Field
    1. Go to Quote>Edit Settings and click Custom Fields.
    2. Click New Quote Custom Field button.
    3. In the Name field, type 'Quote Open/Closed' (or another name of your choosing).
      Note: the name of the field can be anything 'Status', 'Won/Lost', etc.
    4. Set the Data Type to List of values. Type 'Open' and 'Closed' (on separate lines) in the list of values. Uncheck Sort values alphabetically and Click OK.
  2. Mark a Quote as open/closed
    1. Go to Quote>View Quotes. Click on an existing Quote that you want to mark 'Closed' and choose View Quote. Quote Open/Closed now appears in the Quote Details.
    2. Click Edit Quote Info... button.
    3. Set Quote Open/Closed to Closed. Click OK.
  3. Filter the Quote View
    1. Go to Quote>View Quotes
    2. Click Options... button to add a Filter to the View.
    3. Click Add Filter... button.
    4. Set Filter Type to (CG) Quote Field and choose Quote Open/Closed from the list. Select Is and check (None) and Open. Click OK.
    5. The Quote marked as 'Closed' will no longer be listed in the View.

  4. To save the View:
    1. Click Save View button and name the saved View.
    2. To allow other Users in your company to also use this View, select Shared View Name and type Only Open Quotes. Check Make this my default view if desired. Click OK.