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A Price List stores prices for countertop materials, fabrication charges, finished edges, and more. Different Price Lists can be created for different types of customers or for specific Accounts such as dealers or builders. Examples of common Price Lists are: Retail, Builder and Wholesale.

When creating a Quote, the selected Price List determines which products and prices are available during the Quote process.



To create a new Price List (see Related Articles to Duplicate a Price List):

  1. Go to Price List > View PriceLists
  2. Click New Price List... button or Click on a Price List name and select Edit Price List menu

Tips & Hints

  • Save time by completing one Price List fully before creating another. After completing a Price List, copy (duplicate) the Price List and only have to update the prices
  • It's possible to work off of a single Price List and apply Discounts to specific Accounts or Quotes.
  • Put all of the products you offer on a single price list, don't create multiple price lists for different materials.

Empty Price List

If you don't yet have access to CounterGo, open this  Word doc with pictures of an empty price list to see what it looks like.

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