Search in v3.3 and later


Search changed in version 3.3. How does it work now?


We completely overhauled how search works in this release, and it's much better in lots of ways.

  1. There's now a type-ahead search, which suggests search terms based on job, account, and quote names.
  2. When you are picking an account for a new job, you can type in the text box for account names to find them quickly.
  3. And, we now index search terms for faster search results.

However, there are some changes from how search worked before:

  1. We only search the beginning of words. This means that for any PO numbers or auto-number fields with leading 0's, you need to type in the zeros.
  2. Single characters only return exact matches. For example, if you search for A, the search will find the word "A", but not the word "Animal".
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