Printing Slab Layouts


There are two ways to print the slab layout portion of a Quote.


Create a Quote printable form with the “layout”.

  1. Go to Quote::Edit Settings
  2. Click the Forms button
  3. Click the New Printable Form button and type in a name
  4. Click the Fields button and select Add Form Field
  5. Select the Data Type – Layout and click OK
  6. If you want to include the slab image, click on the Layout field, and choose Edit 'CG-Quote Slab Layout'..., then check the box for Include Slab Images
  7. To print, go to Quote::View quotes, double-click on the Quote name and then click on the print button near the middle of the page and select the newly created form.

Quick & Dirty

If you're trying to just print the slab layout "right now", you can print the screen ( options are browser dependent). 
Perform one of the following:

  • Click Printer icon in browser
  • Go to File::Print
  • Right-click mouse in the white space on the screen and select Print
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