Including files in packets


If I upload multiple job image files, can I select which image file prints with which packet? Looking at it it appears that it's an all or nothing choice. Either I select images or I don't.

I have pic1.jpg which I want to go with the template packet and pic2 which I want with the install packet. Can I do that?


You can use a file custom field to filter the attached files that should be included in a packet.

  1. Go to Job > Edit Settings
  2. In the File Custom Fields section, click on the New File Custom field button
  3. Type in a name (e.g. File Type), and select List of values for the Data Type
  4. Enter the values you want to appear in the drop-down list (e.g. Template, Install)

  5. Now when you attach a file, you'll have the option to select a value for the new field

  6. Edit the image file in your packet and add a filter on your new file custom field.

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