Quote Special-Order Colors


Material colors that are NOT in a Price List can still be priced on a Quote.

This is useful for quoting material colors not normally stocked or ones being special ordered for a customer. 


  1. Enable Allow Other Color feature for a Price List. (this is a one time setting)
    1. Go to Price List::View Price Lists menu
    2. Click on the name of a Price List (i.e. Retail) and choose Edit Price List 'Retail'
    3. Click Update Multiple Items button at top of the Price List.
    4. Click Set Allow Other Color
    5. Check the box Allow Other Color
  2. Set Other Color on a specific Quote
    1. Go to Step 5 on a Quote and choose a Product.
    2. Select “Other Color” (the last item) in the Color drop down.
    3. Enter a name and price for the material and whether the price is for the entire slab or just the area of the countertop.


  • Quoting a color via Other Color does NOT add the color to your price list. To permanently add a color, it must be added to a Price List.
  • Material specified via Other Color allows you to set and edit the price via Step 5 only. Since the price is set on Step 5, it isn't editable on Step 6.
    Example of editing price of Other Color:
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