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Can you give me some ideas on how to set up printable views for installers to take with them in the morning? I only want them to see information that will be pertinent to their own day, not the other installers. Address, scheduled time, etc.


Yes, you can create printable calendar forms. You can configure these forms to include job and activity information, and then print the forms from the calendar.

  1. Go to the Calendar menu, and choose Edit Settings.
  2. In the Calendar Printable Forms section, either click on the name of an existing form to edit it, or click on New Printable Form...
  3. You can add or edit fields, as you do on other forms. 
  4. Create a view on the Calendar Page that only includes your install activties. 
  5. Click on the Printable View button. The default is today’s date but you can change it. Make sure Page Breaks is “after each Assignee”
  6. Select the radio button for Calendar Form, and then in the drop-down list, select the desired form and then click OK.
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