External Users (for Dealers, Builders & Sales offices)


External Users are limited user accounts with read-only access to Jobs and/or Calendar views.

These are commonly used by dealers, builders, and satellite sales offices to check the status of jobs without being able to see the entire schedule or impact workflow. 

Each External User must explicitly be assigned specific Accounts or Jobs in order to see them and pre-defined Job & Calendar views must be created and assigned to the External Users.


  • External Users cannot view Calendar Appointments since Appointments are not associated with a Job or Account.
  • For CounterGo customers, JobTracker External Users can be an excellent complement to CounterGo Account Users.


The following steps must be taken to create External Users: create External View(s), create Role, create User(s).

  1. Create External User Views:
    1. Select either: 
      • Job > View Jobs menu
      • Calendar > View Calendar menu
    2. Click Options... button
    3. Define the desired View settings and click OK. (Need help with Views? see Related Articles)
      NOTE: Do NOT limit the view to a specific Account.
      Account access is defined when creating the External User. To allow all External Users to view the same type of information, create one External View with no Account filter.
    4. Click Save View... button
    5. Select External View, type a Name, click OK. (Skip External Roles for now - discussed in the next step.)
  2. Create External Role:
    1. Select Admin > External Roles menu
    2. Click New External Role... button
    3. Type a name (i.e. 'Dealers') and select the View(s) allowed to this External Role.
  3. Create External User(s):
    1. Select Admin > External Users menu
    2. Click New User... button
      • Enter user information:
        • User Name - the name the external user will log in with.
        • Auto-disable (optional) - date when the External User can no longer have access
      • Assign security role(s):
        • External Roles - select a Role or multiple Roles via the Select... button
        • Accounts - gives the user read-only access for all Jobs for an Account
          * and all future Jobs created under that Account
        • Jobs (generally unadvisable) - gives the user read-only access for the specified Jobs
          * only these Jobs, if a new Job is created the user must be edited and the Job manually added
    3. Click OK
  4. Impersonate an External User to verify access and views:
    1. Select Admin > External Users menu
    2. Click a user name and select Impersonate user 'user name'
    3. After verifying the appropriate access, click Stop Impersonating: 'user name' on the menu bar

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