How do I add multiple columns to a shop view?


I'd like to have more columns show up in the shop view. How do I add them?


On shop views, the default is to show a single column, but you can add columns for assignees, activities, or both. Here's how.

  1. Go to the Admin menu, and choose Shop Settings
  2. On the left, click Views
  3. Click on the name of an existing shop view if you want to add columns, or you can create a New Shop View...
  4. You can edit the fields of the view and decide which activities are displayed by changing those settings, which are described more in related article below.
  5. There are four options for Display columns: None, Activity Type, Assignee, and Activity Type and Assignee


Here's an example of the same calendar with each of the options.

  1. Shop view with "None" as the selection

  2. Shop view showing Activity Type Column

  3. Shop view showing Assignee Column

  4. Shop view showing Activity Type and Assignee columns

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