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(JobTracker offers different security roles)

CounterGo supported security roles

Go to Admin > Users, click the name of the user you want to change, and choose Edit.

If you check Administrator, then the user will be able to change anything in CounterGo. If you don't want that, then click Select... and choose the roles that are appropriate for that user.

  • Administrator - can perform all Quote and Price List functions + create users, purchase additional users, change user passwords, deactivate users
  • Edit Quotes - user can create and edit Quotes (cannot edit Price Lists without also having Price List role)
  • Price List - user can update, create, duplicate and deactivate Price Lists
  • To change security roles for a user, select  Admin > Users menu, edit the user, uncheck “Administrator” and select one or more Roles.

    To edit security roles, go to Admin > Roles menu and can change what permissions are assigned to each role.

    If you also have JobTracker

    JobTracker users can access CounterGo quotes. By assigning a JobTracker user to the “CounterGo Quotes” role, they can view, print, and email the CounterGo quote. They can also edit the quote header, attached files, or create a job from the quote. JobTracker users can’t edit the quote drawing unless you purchase a CounterGo license for them.

    Here’s how to grant the “ CounterGo Quotes” role.

    1. As the administrator, go to the Admin menu in JobTracker, and choose Users
    2. Click on the user’s name and choose Edit User…
    3. Click the Select… button next to the Roles that are already selected.
    4. Check the box next to CounterGo Quotes
    5. Click OKOK.

    For more detail, see  Let JobTracker users view CounterGo quotes

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