Track Leads separate from Sold Jobs


How can we keep our leads separate from sold jobs?


If you have Standard Edition or Inventory Edition, you can create a process. 

Add an auto-number custom field to your jobs.  Here's how:

If you are a legacy Basic Edition customer, a custom field is the best way to identify leads vs. jobs.

For Basic Edition, you can create a job custom field that you can use to filter your job view. Here's how:

  1. Under the Job menu, select Edit Settings...
  2. On the left, choose go to the section for Custom Fields
  3. Click the button for New JobCustom Field...
  4. In the Name field, type in Lead
  5. In the Data Type choose List of Values
  6. In the List of Values box type in Yes
  7. Click OK

Your new field will appear in the Job Info section of each Job.

  1. Go to Job > View Jobs or use Search to find one of your leads
  2. Double-click on the job name to edit the job
  3. Click on the Edit Job Info... button
  4. In the drop-down list next to Lead, select Yes

To separate your leads from your jobs on the Job page:

  1. Go to Job > View Jobs
  2. Click on the Options button
  3. Click on the Add Filter button
  4. Filter Type is Job Field
  5. Select the field Lead from the drop down list and then select the value "Yes"
  6. Click OK and then click OK again to return to the Jobs page
  7. Click on the Save View button and type in Leads for the name and then click OK

Repeat the steps above to create a view of just jobs by selecting the value "none" instead of "Yes"

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