Create a to-do list


What I'm trying to accomplish is the following:

Let's say I want to have my employee call Mr. Smith regarding sink template. Now I have to go to employee and tell her to call the customer and she might forget to do so.

I would like to choose customer Smith ( who is already in the system) and make a note to my employee "Get the sink template" and this will be assigned to her (goes to her Do To List folder). and until condition is not satisfied it will stay in her to do list.


I use the appointment column on the calendar for general and/or unique tasks like these. Although appointments aren't related to jobs, I simply place the job name in the NAME field when creating an appointment. I assign the task from the ASSIGNED TO drop down list and describe the instruction or task in the NOTES field. The appointment is dragged down to the next day until it's status is updated to complete.

I like this method because it remains in clear view on the calendar at all times.

Another method of communication we have used is a FORM named Conversation Log. It's simply a blank form where we note the date and then make an entry in the form for general notes or conversation recaps pertaining to job details in general.

EXAMPLE: 3/30 Spoke with homeowner about sink on his cell phone. He is to purchase sink today and bring to shop first thing tomorrow. Clyde

For important notes that aren't directly tied to job activities, you can use Job Issues.

You can create issue categories for the appropriate departments or employees, and then create a view with all of their open or urgent issues. You can use a filter to only see jobs with issues on the Jobs page.

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