I want to: Track Conversion from a Lead to a Job


We're using a Process for tracking our leads. Is there a way to report on when our leads are turning into jobs?


There's not a built-in way to track the date that you created a job from a lead (or other process), but you can add an additional activity to use for this. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Job menu, and choose Edit Settings
  2. In the section for Activity Types, click the button for New Activity Type...
  3. Give the new activity a name like Sold Job, click OK
  4. Click on the new activity you just created, and choose Edit Activity 'Sold Job'...
  5. Change the Sequence (where in the list of activities it appears) and color
  6. In the Status section, choose Complete. This will give the activity a status of complete and today's date as soon as it is created.
  7. Click OK
  8. Go to the Templates section
  9. Make sure this new activity is part of the Template you use when you convert a Lead to a Job.

Now, when you turn a lead into a job and choose the appropriate template, this new activity will be part of the Job. Since the status is complete, and there is a date, you can create reports to track when the leads were turned into jobs.

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