Change Default Measurement from English (ft) to Metric (mm)

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CounterGo can be used in either English or Metric units of measurement. The default unit of measure can be changed globally for all quotes or for quotes created with a specific Price List.

Step-by-Step: Change Default Units for all Quotes

  1. Go to Quote > Edit Settings
  2. Select Settings tab
  3. Click Edit Settings... button
  4. Select desired Defaults Units from the drop down, plus configure default rounding and counter depth. Click OK

Step-by-Step: Create a new Price List

Notes: The unit of measure cannot be changed on an existing Price List.

  1. Go to Price List > View Price Lists
  2. Click New Price List... button
  3. Enter a Price List Name and select Units for the new Price List
  4. (NOTE) You CANNOT select an existing Price List to copy contents to the new Price List. You must choose None.
  5. Click OK
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