Quote Form Templates to Download and Import

You can customize your quote form template to update the look of the quotes you print or email from CounterGo. Creating new templates isn't difficult, but it does take a bit of creativity and a few minutes of patience to experiment. To help you see what is attainable (and to save you those few minutes!), we created this quote form template that you can download and import into CounterGo.

If you use this printable quote form, your quotes will look something like this:

Naturally, you can add your own logo, change the level of detail in the drawing or quote lines, or swap out a few fields.

  1. Click or right-click on the quote form template you want to download from the options below these instructions (it will be an .xml file - for example, Quote-2015.xml) and choose Save link as... (on Chrome) or Save target as (on IE/Edge). if you didn't get to choose where the file was saved on your computer, you will want to find it before you try to import the file into CounterGo. Check your Downloads folder or Search you computer. 

  2. In CounterGo, import the quote from template following the steps in this help document.

Here's the standard quote pictured above: Quote-2015.xml

Here's a version that will show color options when you print: Color-Options-2015.xml

Here's a version with only the drawing and layout but no pricing: Shop-2015.xml

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