Adding Faucets to Your Price List

To include faucets on a CounterGo quote, you have a few options.

If you carry hundreds of faucets, or if you order each on an ad hoc basis, then the simplest approach is to add a Miscellaneous Item on each quote that requires a faucet ... and simply enter the information each time you need it. 

If you have a "manageable" number of faucets that you would like to include in your price list (so you don't have to look up the price each time), then add them as an "Other Item" on your price list.

Give the Other Item a name and then use options to enter different prices.

Options start to get unwieldy after 10-20, so organize your naming accordingly. For example, you might prefer more detail in the Item Name and simply the color in the Options:

Maintaining price lists can be time consuming - so consider only putting your most typically sold faucets in the price list and adding others as Miscellaneous Items.

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