Sample View - Jobs with unscheduled templates


Job Views function as "To Do Lists" for different people in your company. Here's an example of how to see a list of templates that are not yet scheduled.

Example Job View: Template Activities that are Unscheduled

This sample view acts as a "To Do List" for a scheduler to use when calling customers to confirm scheduled Template activities that have not yet been scheduled with the customer.

  1. Select Jobs::View Jobs menu
  2. Click Options... button
  3. In the Status drop-down list, choose All Statuses
  4. In Jobs - Options dialog, click the Add Filter... button. 

  5. In the Filter Jobs window, select Job Activity Status as the Filter Type option on the left. Choose At least one and Template in the top section, and select the button next to no date. Click OK

  6. Select the fields for the Job View so your scheduler has all the information needed to make calls visible in one view. Click the Select Fields... button.

  7. In the Select Job Fields window, click on the fields listed on the left, and you will see them added to your list of Selected Fields on the right.

  8. Once you've made your selections, you can re-order how the fields will appear in your view by dragging and dropping. Click OK.

  9. Now you will have a list of only the Jobs with Template activities that are unscheduled. 

  10. If your list needs tweaking, click Options again and make changes. Once you get the view exactly as you like it, click Save View and select Shared View Name. Give it a name that will be easy to remember and click OK.

  11. To pull up this view again, the scheduler goes to Jobs>View Jobs, and then click Views and selects this saved view. (Named "Unscheduled Templates" in this example).

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