Integration between the Laser Products LT-55 templator and JobTracker

Laser Products has built some integration between their digital templating solution and Moraware JobTracker. In general, it's best to contact Laser Products with questions or technical support, but here's a brief overview of how to set up the LT-55 to work with Moraware JobTracker.
  1. In the LT-55 XL program click Edit / Options and scroll to the bottom of the General Setting tab.
  2. Look for the Job Tracker Settings
  3. In the API URL box enter the web address that you use to log in on line through your web browser, but change the d.aspx to api.aspx after the final slash. 

    For example:if your link is, when you're entering the API URL use 

  4. Enter your Username and Password and then press OK. 

For the Laser Products LT-55 XL software to communicate with Moraware, the templator needs to have access to perform API Requests. If the user is an admin, there's no need to add any user permissions. Otherwise, you can give them the correct permissions by performing the following actions.

  1. When you're logged in as an administrator, click Admin in the top menu bar.
  2. Click Roles and then click New Role.
  3. Enter a Role Name and Description.
  4. Click Select next to Users and choose the templator that you need to give access to and click OK.
  5. Scroll down and next to API Requests, click the check box under the Full Control Column and click OK.

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