Fix Incorrectly Allocated Remnants (with negative amounts)

Inventory Edition only

Here's an 11-minute video explaining some of the nuances of creating remnants and how to fix serial numbers that have negative on-hand balance (following the video is a step-by-step summary)

There are two ways to create remnants from a slab. If the slab has been assigned to a job, then be sure to choose choose Create Remnant directly on the serial number on the job activity:

If the slab has NOT been assigned to a job - then you can create a remnant directly from the serial number detail - you might do this if the slab was damaged:

If you inadvertently create a remnant from the serial number detail screen when the slab has been assigned to a job, the serial number will show a negative on-hand balance:

Notice the issue is that the job still shows that it has consumed 50 sq ft, which is not correct. To fix this, go to the job and click Edit Allocation on the serial number:

Type in the Available amount into the Allocated input field:

That will fix the amount allocated for that serial number, but there is an unserialized amount left on the activity. 

Click on Unserialized it to edit it, then click Clear on the Unassigned Quantity and hit OK. 

Now the job has the correct amount consumed and the serial number has a correct on-hand balance of 0:

To discover what slabs have a negative on-hand balance, create a detailed inventory view and sort by on-hand quantity:

Include a job field in the view, and then you'll be able to click on each job to fix the negative quantity.

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