Print a Quote - show/hide line item pricing & measurements


Depending on the business philosophy or situation, it's possible to show or hide line item pricing detail and measurements. It's typically desirable to create more than one Printable Form for quotes, one showing line item detail and another suppressing line item detail.


Edit an existing Quote Printable Form (or duplicate and existing one):
  1. Select Quote::Edit Settings menu
  2. Select Forms tab
  3. Click Printable Form name and select Edit Form 'name' menu
  4. Click the Quote Lines pricing area and select Edit Field...
  5. Update settings as desired for:
    • Include Measurements
    • Include Slab Count
    • Show Prices For 
  6. (optional) Click Drawing section and select Edit Field... menu. Update settings for:
    • Include Measurements
    • Include Seams
    • Include Slab Images

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