Draw a Circular counter layout

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To draw a circle-shaped surface in CounterGo, begin with a square top, then add a radius to each corner equivalent to 1/2 the side length.


  1. In Step 1 of a Quote, draw a square surface with sides equal to the desired diameter of the circle.
  2. Go to Step 2, click on a corner of the surface and pick Radius..., entering a value half the length of a side. Repeat for each corner until a circle is formed.
  3. Optional. Proceed with the remainder of the Quote process until reaching the fully priced Quote on Step 6. Review the pricing and manually adjust prices as desired.


  • CounterGo is not capable of complex, non-symmetric shapes such as trapezoid or true ovals/ellipses.
  • Oblong shapes can be achieved by extending one side (auto-adjusts opposing side length).
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