Add Remnant to Inventory

Inventory Edition only


  • Remnants can be created for serialized products. If you have a remnant piece left over from a job, here's how to add the remnant -  Creating Remnants For Allocated Serial Numbers
  • If a slab broke (for a serial number that's already in the system) - here's how to create a remnant -  Creating Remnants
  • If you found a remnant piece that is not in the system, follow the steps below to add it


1. Go to  Inventory::View Inventory

2. Click on the  Options button

3. Click on the  Select button to chose the product variant and click OK (NOTE: If the product or color is not available you will need to add it to your purchase products first. Here's how: add product, add color)

4. Click on the product variant and select  View Inventory Transactions

5. Click on the  New Serial Number button and enter the measurements, unit cost and select the check box for remnant.

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