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For serialized inventory, details such as serial number, size, unit cost, supplier, etc. can be displayed by creating a view on the Inventory page.



  1. Go to  Inventory > View Inventory.
  2. Click Options... button.
  3. Click the  Select Fields.. button.
  4. In the Serial Number Detail section, select the fields to be displayed on the view.
    If any (S)Summary fields are selected, remove those as you cannot display Detail and Summary fields on the same view.
  5. Click OK until back at the Inventory page, then click the Save View... button to save changes.
  6. To print the view, on the web browser menu select File > Print. If you have more than one page of results, click the Options... button and adjust the Rows per page to be at least the total number of rows in your View before printing.
  7. Optional to get a grand total, export the data to Excel (see Related Article) and use a summation (SUM) formula.
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